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Mortgage Promise

We can arrange this for you from any of the lenders in the whole of the mortgage marketplace.

This is the first initial stage and takes an application to the half-way stage and then pauses at this half-way stage. This allows the Lender to measure your affordability using your own earned income and fixed commitments like Bank Loans/ Personal Loans/ Car Loans and Credit Card balances and allows them to carry-out a full Credit Check and Credit profile score on your last 6 years credit bureau history. The Lender is then able reach a decision about whether they are prepared to lend and also how much they are prepared to lend.

This part is carried out electronically which means that the Lender is applying their qualifying criteria through a Computer Software System to make this decision.

If successful this gives you the re-assurance or Mortgage Promise that you have pre-qualified for a Mortgage and Loan amount. It does not commit or oblige you or the lender to proceeding further to a full application and can also be paused while you consider your options or until you find a property that you wish to purchase. The Decision in Principle certificate is valid for up to 90 days. The application can be converted to a full application at your own leisure.

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