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You do not have to pay a fee or anything extra for using our broker service.

We are licensed to give independent mortgage advice and have the full authority of all the lenders to arrange and process mortgages on their behalf, they (the lenders) help pay for our service.

You do not have to pay a fee or anything extra for using our broker service.

However you can choose how we are paid : pay a fee usually 0.5% of a loan amount or we can accept commission from the lender instead.

Being based in Edinburgh and Glasgow means we are in the ideal locations to provide mortgages in Scotland, and throughout the UK.

Mortgages in Scotland differ from mortgages in the rest of the UK, so make sure you talk to a mortgage advisor, or a mortgage broker to make sure you understand the key differences. You can contact us using any of the details on our contact page.

Mortgage Service - Step 1

Browse to our online mortgage enquiry form. Alternatively, you could pop into one of our branches in Edinburgh or Glasgow.

Mortgage Service - Step 2

Complete the mortgage enquiry form. This should take less than two minutes.

Mortgage Service - Step 3

Submit your completed mortgage enquiry form by clicking on "Send".

Mortgage Service - Step 4

We will contact you by phone or e-mail to discuss your own specific requirements, and to identify the options and choices available to you. This advice and guidance will be provided by a qualified independent mortgage advisor.

We aim to contact you within 12 hours.

Contact us now on 0131 202 6582, use our contact form or complete our mortgage enquiry form.

Your property may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

You can choose how we are paid: We can accept commission from the lenders and the client pays no fee or pay a fee, usually 0.5% of the loan amount

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