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Processing Your Mortgage Application

This is the part that uses up the most time as your application and paper-work now goes through the lenders various procedures and departments. While we are committed to providing a fast and efficient service to our clients the same cannot be said of the lenders own internal processing. For example although we send your supporting documentation to the lender on the same day it can take anything from 48 – 72 hours just for documentation to be logged onto the lenders system and allocated on to your individual mortgage file with the lender. It can then take up to 5 days just for a case handler to get to your file and paper-work. They can then decide to ask for additional supporting documentation or information which starts this cycle all over again. And this is before it even goes to a decision maker! So although they have accepted the application they may amend or adjust the loan amount or term based on their assessment of the supporting documentation at any time.

We realise that a Property Purchase is time sensitive and the seller will at some stage set you a deadline asking you to legally complete on the purchase of the property and we do all we can to ensure that your Mortgage Offer is issued within this timescale. However on occasions we cannot be held accountable for the lenders own service standards as the lenders own workload is very often out with our control and to them your application is only one application in a queue of applications that all deserve equal importance.

Our long-standing relationship with our mortgage lenders and over 25 years experience of arranging mortgages with lenders means that we know what lenders expect and how to best present this to the lender at all the stages of the mortgage process so that we achieve a successful result on your behalf.

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