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Self Employed Mortgages

Being self-employed could mean that it is more difficult for you to prove you have a regular and consistent income if you have only been in your self-employed status for a short time.

Many lenders will ask for a 3 year trading history and will take a 3 year average of your self-employed income which could restrict the amount you are able to borrow if you have had a low value of income during any of these years.

Fortunately our independent advisers at the Mortgage Marketplace at One Branch can identify lenders that will use the most recent trading year income as the full amount to assess affordability.

We also have access to mortgage lenders that will require just one year’s trading accounts.

If you are in the building or sub-contracted we can find lenders that will accept your weekly/monthly invoices.

We have mortgage lenders that will consider applicants on renewable contracts.

This can be for First Time Buyers and Home-movers.

You may think that all lenders would offer a mortgage in these types of scenarios but this is not the case.

Another reason to seek independent mortgage advice at the Mortgage Marketplace.

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