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Shared Equity

The Government/Scottish Ministers Help to Buy is a shared-equity purchase for participating New Build properties where the Government buys an Equity Share through an interest free Equity Loan with the FTB or Home-mover and the Government share/ equity loan can be deferred for the lifetime of ownership of the property. The seller or new build company receive the full purchase price for the property and have no further interest in the property. The property is owned by the mortgage applicant and the Government through the Scottish Ministers. The applicant has to have at least an 80% share in the property.

The Government Shared-Equity Help to Buy is only available when there are funds available. You have to apply directly to the Government Shared-Equity HTB organisation to find out what you qualify for – these Government Organisations are generally Housing Associations like LINK Housing.

There can be variations on these arrangements in England and Wales.

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