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Submitting a Full Mortgage Application

So you have successfully obtained a Decision in Principle and you have a property that you wish to purchase and you want to convert your Mortgage Promise to a full mortgage application.

This second stage can be done immediately after the Decision in Principle stage or within the 90 day limit depending on your situation and more information will be needed to complete and present everything about your application to the Lender.

This second stage is also carried out electronically. This means that although a full application has been submitted to the lender it has only passed through their system and an actual individual or decision maker from the lender has not yet looked at or fully analysed the application. Furthermore it only gives the lender all the relevant information and details about your application and does not YET include any supporting documentation.

So at the point when your full mortgage application has been sent electronically to the Lender NO-ONE at the lender has yet physically looked at the application or even the supporting documentation. The supporting documentation (wage slips / Bank Statements etc..) is not sent to the lender until AFTER the full mortgage application has been submitted electronically.

Therefore once your application is fully submitted it is vitally important that we have all the necessary supporting documentation (wage slips / P60 etc...) and financial documentation (bank statements / credit card and Personal Loan statements etc....) that verify the amounts and figures on the application to send to the lender.

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